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Welcome to Islandor, a real-time strategy (RTS) browser game set in the middle ages. Players start with a single small island and battle to own a colony of hundreds (or even thousands) of islands. Send your warships and spearfighters out to expand your empire and strive for power!

Downtime (26/04/2010 21:30)

Apologies for the downtime, all should now be functional again. We're making a few changes to ensure this doesn't occur again, thanks for your patience.

Username Changes (02/11/2009 23:20 GMT)

Starting from Friday 6th November 2009 the ability to change usernames will be removed for a period of several months.

This will be re-added at a later date but throttled to one change per 6 months. Please ensure you have a username you're happy with prior to the above date.

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