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1. One account per player

Each player may only have one account per world at any one time. Account sitting should be on a temporary basis and both parties must contact prior to exchanging details. During this sitting period, no interaction in the form of transports or coordinate attacks are allowed between the two accounts.

As a subsection of this rule, it also forbidden to create accounts purely for the purpose of helping another player or to manipulate game dynamics (for example attempting to force open a new ocean).

2. Game Bugs

Should you discover a bug, exploit or anomaly within the game code you must notify immediately. You are forbidden to reveal details of the bug to any other players. You are also forbidden to take any unfair advantages of the bug.

3. Ownership

All data exchanged and accounts within the game remain the property of Mayhem Labs throughout the entire life of the game-play. Mayhem Labs are providing exclusive access to players of server resources, however throughout the entire game play all data remains property of Mayhem Labs.

For security reasons you must provide a valid email address and ensure that it is kept up to date throughout the ownership of your account. Mayhem Labs reserve the right to send out email verification tests to ensure you abide by this rule. The owner of this email address is fully responsible and considered the owner of the game account to which it is associated.

4. Communication

Islandor is rated as a "PG" game and is therefore only suitable for those 13 and over without prior permission from guardians. Mayhem Labs cannot be held responsible for any mildly-offensive language that may be viewed within the game or related services.

Although discussion and debate about in-game events is part of the game, highly offensive insults, language or other material is against the rules. Pornographic, racist or other extreme content content is strictly prohibited. Offensive isle names, player names and alliance names are forbidden.

Threatening, insulting, harassing, bullying or any other socially unacceptable behaviour outside of game context is strictly forbidden.

Islandor is an English game and thus all communication should be made an the English language to ensure sufficient moderation is able to take place. All player and alliance profiles must be written in English.

5. Automation and Modifications

The use of tools, scripts, bots, packet manipulation tools, browser modifications/add-ons and other applications that alter or automate game-play are strictly prohibited, except where authorised or provided by Mayhem Labs. Violation of this rule is likely to result in the permanent removal of your account on all game worlds.

6. Commercial Use

You are forbidden to play Islandor for commercial purposes. You are thus forbidden to buy, sell or offer accounts between multiple people or any other financial benefit outside of game context. Trading in-game items or accounts between game worlds are also forbidden.

7. Punishments

For violation of our rules various punishments are given out, sometimes these are in the form of global or world bans. When accounts are banned the user is given a 7 day appeal period in which they may appeal their ban, if an appeal denied Mayhem Labs are not obliged to refund any premium payments to users in violation of our rules.

Punishments are handed out at the discretion of Islandor staff and are non-negotiable. Staff are not obliged to provide the reasoning for the punishment.

8. Mass Mailing

It is forbidden to abuse the ingame messaging system by mass mailing players with advertisements, spam or other forms of mail that violate game rules.

9. Alterations

Mayhem Labs reserve the right to alter these rules at any time without prior notifiation.

10. Clarity

If at any time you feel that one of the above mentioned rules is unclear you should contact with any questions for further clarification.

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